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Here you will find a variety of desktop wallpapers ranging in sizes from 640x480 to 1280x1024. You can also find Trailing Cursors, Scrolling backgrounds, Music and a whole lot more.

The music you will be hearing is "Crazy"
By: Patsy Cline....
I've loved Patsy, ever since I was a little girl...

If you want to hear her music click the arrow button on the console after it is completely loaded.


Time and Temp.
Marceline, MO.


Near the bottom of this page you will find several links that will open into new windows for you to view. This way you will never lose track of my home page... And if you happen to lose me, just look around on each new page. Some where I've added a link or button to get you back home to me..

My Scrolling Background and Trailing Cursor pages, will give you information on how to create, and add one or the other or both to your web pages and/or Outlook Express email program. Both of these pages have automatic print buttons on the bottom, so if you wish to print the pages out in simple form, you may do so.


My Wallpaper pages have sized links with a variety of wallpapers to fit your desktop, each link will open in a new window to show you the actual wallpaper size. From there you may save the ones of your choice, to your own hard drive.

I know from experience how hard it is to find a nice looking desktop wallpaper for the larger screens. So I resized some that I've collected over the years, and placed them here for your own personal use.

I do not take the credit for creating all of these Wallpapers. Even though some are my very own creations..
What I do take the credit for is the resizing of each and everyone of them..


I hope you will find something you like and will want to take it home with you.
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Here you will be able to View my old GuestBook as I'm keeping it active in memory of all who signed it.

Thank you old friends
My Old Guestbook

Please sign my new GuestBook while you are here. I'd love to hear from you. Old & New friends alike are always welcome to come visit with me here on my Internet home.
Thanks Shari


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